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We isolate the source of incidents and product failures for a variety of clients.

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Insurance Companies

When an insurance claim is filed, sometimes the cause of the issue is easy to determine. In those cases where the answer isn't as obvious, a forensic engineer is needed to investigate whether it was a natural disaster like flooding, fire or wind, a part failure or regular wear and tear. We partner with insurance adjustors to get to the root cause and assess the damage so the claim can be settled, the responsible party identified and the case closed as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a responsible team with deep experience in mechanical, electrical and plumbing forensic engineering, we are the best choice for individual jobs as they arise or a longer-term resource for your approved vendor list of providers.


When a product isn't working as it should, or worse, is malfunctioning in a way that causes severe damage to property or people, it is important to find out why right away. Is it normal wear and tear, faulty parts, improper use, poor installation or something more dire?

We partner with manufacturers to determine why a product is failing, what parts are faulty and will give you detailed reporting so you can confirm or challenge product liability issues and avoid similar problems in the future.

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When a product malfunctions or other disaster turns into litigation, we are there to provide expert testimony on mechanical, electrical or plumbing defects and failures. Our legal clients appreciate the detailed analysis we provide, and the way we can clearly explain complicated matters in layman's terms when called upon to testify in a lawsuit.

While we can't guarantee we will find the evidence your client wants, we do promise to offer thorough, fair and thoughtful analysis that explains both how and why an issue occurred.


When a building has issues that impact whether it can be inhabited or function as it is designed, we are often called in to determine the source of the problem. While it can be a construction defect, often there are outside factors that can create issues as well.

We work with contractors, and often their attorneys, to uncover the root cause of issues and identify the next steps. From there, we can give guidance on how to fix any problems and produce the necessary reports.

We Provide Honest, Thorough Analysis

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